Top Reasons to Use a Website Builder with E-commerce Features

Top Reasons to Use a Website Builder with E-commerce Features

We cannot escape from the fact that online trading is elbowing out the traditional brick and mortar style of trading. What this means is that to succeed nowadays even if you are operating a physical store, you have to integrate it with an e-commerce platform. However many business people are discouraged to go the online way owing to the perceived huge costs associated with contracting an agency or a professional developer to create a website.

On the contrary, there are tools available online affordable and even for free that can help you to build your website from scratch with much ease. One such tool is a website builder. A website builder is a software that allows you to create a site without the tedious manual code editing. It means that you can build your professional e-commerce platform without any prior training or experience in web design.

However, be careful to ensure that the website builder that you choose to build your website has the essential e-commerce features. Here are the main reasons why you should opt for a website builder with e-commerce features.

Beautiful and user-friendly website

Ever heard of the saying first impression matters? In e-commerce, world, a poor first impression can destroy your online reputation completely. The feeling that one develops when he visits your website will so much decide whether he continues to browse your website or he proceeds to the next website. Your e-commerce platform should also be highly user-friendly. The site visitor should be able to navigate across your website with much ease. Therefore, you need a website builder that will enable you to build not only an attractive website but one that will give the visitor an excellent user experience. Achieving the two features will result in your website having a low bounce rate which is good for search engine ranking.

Responsive web design

Nowadays, most people are accessing the internet through handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets. As an entrepreneur intending to make money online, it is apparent that you endeavor to have a website that can display and fit on various screen sizes to be able to tap to a more extensive online market segment. To achieve this, you require a website builder that can help you make a responsive web design.

Catalog and checkout system

The reason for building an e-commerce platform is to be able to sell products online. To succeed selling online, you will need to have a cart where your customers can send all the products that they select from your online store so that they can proceed to checkout at once. Therefore, ensure the website builder you choose supports the modern cart and checkout system features.

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