Top 5 Essential Features of an eCommerce Website

Top 5 Essential Features of an eCommerce Website

When establishing an online-based business, you need to ensure that your website looks best. While this comes down to the standard of every single aspect, a few features are worth a hard look. If you are out to set up your new business site, here are the essential features in building an e-commerce Website that you should not forget.

Have an ideal landing page

The landing page could mean all the difference when it comes to the traffic. Your site needs to have all it takes to get the attention of visitors in seconds. Some go for deep discounts; others rush for free shipping offers. But having a promotion opportunity upfront might be all you need. Most importantly, make the navigation through your site super easy too.

Make the design mobile-friendly

If you are to take advantage of the modern traffic, a mobile-friendly design comes in as one of the essential features in building an e-commerce website. Most online sales nowadays hinge on the use of mobile devices as tablet or Smartphone. With a site that supports mobile surfers, you can quickly make your products more accessible to prospective shoppers on the go.

Have top quality photos and videos

It might sound like a no-brainer, but your pictures and videos should be of high-resolution, no question about that. Shoppers are usually looking for an image with several angles. And if possible, seeing the product in use could further add to its touch on their attention. Images that hardly load or load for too long might significantly reduce the number of consumers. Remember, multiple pictures for any product could turn the tide.

Security is crucial

Another consideration is the safety of your website. Using HTTPS comes in handy, but enabling SSL throughout the website also adds to the consumers’ trust. To allow your potential customers to enter their information on your website without doubts, ensuring the security of your site is inevitable.

User reviews and FAQs

The feedback from visitors and educational aspect alike are essential too. Most shoppers usually look at the reviews and star rating before deciding. Even negative reviews can be critical also.

Remember, if a product doesn’t have such reviews, shoppers might perceive it as censored and regard the positive reviews as fake.

Similarly, having a section for the Frequently Asked Questions is also far-reaching. This section offers the buyer detailed information on the product to build their confidence and understanding every bit about it before they buy.


With such essential features, you can significantly transform your website’s performance for the better. Convert new visitors, but also retain existing ones. There’s virtually no better way to keep them coming than having what they need displayed in the best way possible.