What Are Your E-commerce Website Builder Options

What Are Your E-commerce Website Builder Options

The website builder that you choose for your e-commerce platform will be among the main deciding factors as to whether you succeed or fail in your online selling. An excellent website builder is one that possesses the essential e-commerce features. Meaning, the website builder should allow you to achieve among other things an attractive and user-friendly website that is responsive, cross-browser compatible, and supports an excellent cart and checkout system.

This article shares with you the best website builders that will help you build a website with the essential e-commerce features.

Wix is an excellent e-commerce website builder for beginners

Are you looking to build your online store but you have no prior experience in web design or programming?  Relax, no need to worry, Wix will help you achieve an attractive and user-friendly website in no time. Wix features more than 500 fantastic website building templates. You can edit the templates efficiently using a drag and drop editor and achieve, a responsive web design without any coding experience. Wix also has an HTML editor, allows for custom domains and the integration of a blog.

Weebly is the best user-friendly website builder in the market.

If it’s your first time building an e-commerce platform with no prior experience, we’d recommend you use the Weebly. The website builder enables novice users to craft perfect websites in no time. Weebly has a vast resource of training materials and guides that help you to familiarize yourself with the platform. You also get valuable tips to help you arrive at the website design of your choice. Weebly also makes it easier for you to switch from other platforms.

Square Space

Square Space is another website builder that you can use to achieve a highly responsive and user-friendly website. The Square Space templates are clean, attractive, modern, and well structured. With Square Space, you get a free domain, commerce analytics, and integrated blog, mobile optimization and easy to drag and drop templates. Another excellent feature of the  Square Space website builder is that it allows you to install multiple templates on a single site. However, on the downside, the website builder can be a challenge for first timers as it requires some prior designing experience.